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Willie Alphonse: Executive Director

Willie has been a counsellor at Nenqayni since September 2008. Prior to his couselling work he was a member of the Nenqayni Board of Directors since 1992 serving as Board Chair for over four years. As a member of the Northern Shuswap Nation, He held the position of chief of the Williams Lake Indian Band for ten years. Willie moved into his current position December 21st 2009.

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Finance Department - contact Nina Kalelest 

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Joan Evans AAC: Intake Coordinator - Family Alcohol & Drug Program

Joan has been at Nenqayni Wellness Centre since 1996, she brings her experience with both the Youth Program and the Family Program to her current position. Joan receives applications on a regular basis which keep her very busy. Outside of work Joan also enjoys continued learning and is often assisting with various committees at Nenqayni Wellness Centre such as the Wellness Committee and organizing "Fun Day" for staff and clients.

In her spare time Joan enjoys spending time with her family. She has been running for several years on and off and she enjoys reading.

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Sharon Duffy CACII: Human Resources/Accreditation Lead

Sharon has worked at Nenqayni Wellness Centre since 1997. She started out as a recovery care worker and then moved into the Intake Coordinator position. Sharon's background is Aboriginal Health and Administration and Mental Health. Some of the courses taken include: Community Mental Health Certificate, First Nations Health & Healing, Tsilhqot'in language, Women's Studies, Organizational Behavior, SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory)Trainers training and Aboriginal Health & Community Administration Certificate (UBC) and Choices Seminars graduate and coach.

Outside of work Sharon enjoys many outdoor activities. Comments: Sharon enjoys her job; especially meeting people from all over Canada. She says, "Live one day at a time, let others know they are loved & keep on learning!"

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Carrie Phillip - Family Alcohol & Drug Program Counsellor

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Phillip Johnson CACIII: Nenqayni Mobile Program Counsellor

Phillip has been with Nenqayni Wellness Center since 2002. His background is an alcoholic and drug addict and with experience living on the streets and eating out of garbage containers, also a high school dropout. Phillip has a PhD in dysfunctional lifestyles. That was then. Now Phillip sees his role as a guide for people who are suffering from alcohol, drugs, solvent, sexual abuse and other dysfunctional life styles.

He says living a healthy life gives me an opportunity to nurture my children and treasure the wisdom of our ancestors. My name is Phillip Johnson, I am one peaceful man, bringing love and joy to the world.

250-989-0301  Ext. 227

Mary Hudson: Counsellor Youth Program 

(250) 989-0301  Ext. 231 

Anne Marie Dufour: Youth Program Client Care Coordinator

250-989-0301 Ext. 226 

Andrea Charleyboy: Continuing Care/Mobile Program  Coordinator


Sharn Rai: Administrative Assistant

Sharn is the friendly voice answering the phone Monday -Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Rohan Watson - Health Director

250-989-0301 extension 222 

Chris Lalonde - Maintenance Manager

250-989-0301 extension 217  

Jim Aleck: Counselor - Family Alcohol & Drug Program/Mobile Outreach

250-989-0301 extension 227 

Ken Duffy: Nutrition Services Supervisor

250-989-0301 Extension 201 

Deb Olsen: Daycare Supervisor

250-989-0301 Extension 214 


Mission Statement

"To provide holistic healing to First Nations and Inuit youth, families, and communities in a safe and secure environment."

About Our Team

To achieve a safe team environment where employees respect one another, communicate effectively, and are able to efficiently carry out their duties and responsibilities” (Staff Purpose - Developed in 2011).

Staff are certified by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification and receive ongoing training relating to their positions and as required by accreditation and licensing.

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