Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my baby or toddler with me?

To the 8-week Family Program yes. Nenqayni Wellness Centre operates a fully licensed daycare that takes infants (newborn to school age) and toddlers and preschoolers from 9:00am-11:45am (children eat lunch with their family) and 1:00pm - 3:pm. The daycare is licensed by Interior Health and the workers are fully certified to provide safe and healthy care and supervision for the children.

Do I need a status number?

Yes, all youth for the Youth & Family Inhalant Program will need to provide their own ten (10) digit status number. For the  eight (8) week family program if one of the adults does not have a status number that is okay but most of the family members should have numbers.

Since our funding is through Health Canada we need the status number in order to record participants in our statistics. If we were to accept persons with no status number and those that are considered Metis then we do not receive funding and this would effect our programs.

Does Nenqayni Wellness Centre provide detoxification services?

No, Nenqayni Wellness Centre is not a detox facility. Anyone entering the program needs to be free of alcohol and drugs for a minimum of 14 days and longer if possible is highly recommended.

When a person decides to go to treatment the healing journey has already begun. You cannot wait to enter the treatment program to stop drinking or using drugs. It is also recommended that you recieve several counseling sessions with your referral worker prior to your application/acceptance into a treatment program. If you arrive at Nenqayni Wellness Centre intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances or drugs not prescribed by your doctor you may be asked to leave.

How much sober/clean time do I need?

It is recommended that participants in the Family Program have thirty (30) days clean/sober time before attending treatment. You should also be participating in regular counseling sessions and be prepared to attend treatment with no outside commitments (appointments, court dates, other events).

For the Youth & Family Inhalant Program it is requested that youth have fourteen (14) days clean/sober time.

If you believe this will be a problem please contact the intake coordinator for the program that you wish to attend.

Is food provided?

In the Youth & Family Inhalant Program all food is provided.

In the Family Alcohol & Drug Program the meals that are provided are: lunch and supper, Monday through Friday. Breakfast and weekend meals will be the family's responsibility. Families will need to bring groceries to start off with, or if they have been traveling by plane may be taken shopping after arrival. Families will need to bring money for grocery shopping which is done on weekends.

What issues besides drug and alcohol abuse/addiction are dealt with?

The eight (8) week Family Drug and Alcohol Program provides group sessions that discuss many of the issues that will be common to people coming to treatment. These include; grief and loss, self esteem, communication, anger, and parenting.

The four (4) month Youth & Family Inhalant Program covers many of these same issues along with the complexity of issues that female adolescents face. Individual counseling is available for all youth in the programs and family counseling may be arranged also.

Group workshops include: cultural experience and development, healthy eating/nutrition, smoking reduction, awareness of gambling, education on sexually transmitted infections (STI's), relaxation and stress reduction and more.

What kind of workshops and sessions are offered?

A wide variety of topics are covered. Workshops and educational sessions may cover - addictions, family violence, communication, anger management, Medicine Wheel, parenting, healthy self-esteeem, gambling, healthy sexuality, grief and loss and more. Note that group sessions may be tailored to meet the individual group needs.

Who pays for a person attending treatment?

Nenqayni Wellness Centre is federally funded by Health Canada (HC). We are a National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) treatment facility and accredited by Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) since 2001.

Persons who have Indian Status (10 digit number) and are defined as such under the Indian Act are covered for services.

Nenqayni Wellness Centre has occupancy requirements that are set out by our funding organizations and if we do not meet requirements then our funding is jeopordized. For this reason we do not accept non-status youth into the Youth & Family Inhalant Program. All youth in the Youth & Family Inhalant Program must have their own status number. However for the Family Alcohol & Drug Program a family member who does not have status will be considered if the spouse or partner does have a status number.


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