Moving Forward 

Nenqayni Wellness Centre is proud to announce we will continue our Elders Wellness Program: ‘Moving Forward’ for 2018.

We will be incorporating all of Nenqayni’s accustomed cultural and holistic healing activities in this Elders-only program at our home on the beautiful Deep Creek reserve. Clients in this program can expect to participate in cultural activities (daily smudging, sweat lodge ceremonies, storytelling, drum making, and more), group workshops on self-care, healing, and mindfulness, recreational activities, as well as education on nutrition and traditional natural medicines.

There will be two separate 4-week sessions of this program. Individuals or couples are welcome to apply to either or both, but each applicant will only be permitted to attend one session:

Only 1 Elders Session in 2018: July 1 – July 30 - August 24

All meals and lodging will be provided to participants.

Applicants are asked to meet the follow criteria:

Clean from all drugs and alcohol 14 days before session start date.Fully self-sufficient in all personal care and mobility needs. Nenqayni is prepared to be as accommodating as possible, but we are unable to provide one-on-one care aides for clients.

Interested applicants are asked to fill out an Elders Wellness Program Application Package, which includes a Medical Assessment and TB Screen.

2017 Elders Application 2017 Elders Application (467 KB)

Priority will be given to the 15 bands local to Nenqayni, but Elders across all of BC or from out of province are encouraged to apply. Acceptance will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please contact intake coordinator:

  • Joan Evans, (250) 989-0301 ext. 206 or

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"To provide holistic healing to First Nations and Inuit youth, families, and communities in a safe and secure environment."

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